Competencies Self-assessment due August 30, 2018

In preparation for your first 1-on-1 with Nevan, please

  1. Reread The 8 competencies of user experience: a tool for assessing and developing UX Practitioners by David Travis
  2. Fill out the provided UX Competencies Map
  3. Reflect on and write down your
    • career goals,
    • areas where you see yourself developing strengths,
    • and areas where you feel you need the most improvement

This will be the first of three planned 1-on-1s. The purpose is to establish a baseline understanding of where you are and set some goals for the rest of the class, with an eye toward your career development.

You’re welcome to bring in examples of your project work to support the conversation, but please keep in mind that the main purpose of the meeting is your personal growth as a designer, not on project-level feedback. There will be more time for 1-on-1s with the TAs for that next week.