Add a Feature due September 12, 2018

You will be developing a new feature for an existing app based on an area of functionality to explore. Your work will culminate in a high-fidelity prototype that reflects your best path forward based on research, iteration, and testing. For apps that have both Android and iOS implementations, you may choose either platform.




As a new designer joining a team, you’ll often have to rapidly come up to speed on your product, your users, and quickly iterate on proposed solutions under tight timelines. Your other stakeholders will all have opinions, and you’ll have to get into the practice of supporting your claims and finding ways to incorporate new features into the existing platform.

Aspects to Consider

Target Device



End-of-Project Presentation (6 minutes)

Your will have 6 minutes to summarize your work. We should get a strong sense of:

Report due Wed. 12 Sep. @ 6pm

Your report will gather all of your work from this project into a single PDF. You should also include a self-assessment based on how you think this project went.

Design Thinking

Remember that design challenges are tackled by alternating divergent and convergent thinking modes. You are expected to conduct exploratory research and narrow down the scope of the problem within the realm of the proposed feature. Then generate multiple possible solutions. Evaluate. Test. Repeat. You’ll have the opportunity to show these iterations in the report.